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This is a contract that gives the new owner of the puppy which was purchased from Cortez Scales, all the information about the pup, and how to care for the new pup at home.  Your new puppy should be fed twice a day until he or she is at least three months old.  If you change the pup’s food suddenly it may cause the pup to get sick. It is very important that you make sure the puppy is eating; the puppy will have a sugar drop if it does not eat, and this can result in death if not caught in time.  It is not wise to allow small children to handle the pup for a while; they may drop it for the pup is very small. This pup has had its first shot, which consist of (Distemper, Parvo, Adenovirus Type 2, and Parainfluenza). This pup will not be fully immunized until it has had a series of four vaccines, so if you choose to take the pup home and put it outside before it has had all its shots it may get sick and could possibly die, and I will not replace the pup or refund any money. I will not replace the pup for any reason that may be the fault of the new owner.  I also give a (72) hours guarantee on this puppy.  This gives the new owner 72 hours to get the pup to a vet of their choice to have him or her vet checked.  I should be notified of any problems you may be having with the pup. I also require a written letter from your vet stating any medical problems you are having.  This pup is also guaranteed to one year of age (12 months), against any severe and or life threatening congenital heart defect (a defect so extreme that surgery is imminent for survival) within the first year of life. Should a severe life-threatening heart defect occur, which is clearly hereditary in nature and seriously affect the dog’s quality of life, verify to us, with stated letters from two licensed veterinarians with medical reports confirming the defect(s) and what is recommended for the health of the dog, along. We may also want to converse with your veterinarian verbally and would hope that they would provide us with complete information and medical history of the dog to satisfy our questions if we should have any at that time.  I do not guarantee color or size. The seller is not responsible for any veterinarian costs after the puppy leaves the seller’s care. Also, the seller offers a replacement puppy as the health guarantee NOT A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. The buyer has agreed to these terms and has agreed that Cortez Scales is not responsible for the health and wellbeing of the pup after the (72) hours in which the new owner has to get the pup checked by a vet, unless there is a problem that is the breeders fault.  Once you get the new puppy home contact me if you have any questions or problems. 


Buyers Printed Name: ______________________ Buyers Signature: ____________________

Date__________         Breeder:_________________________           Contact #757-329-1213    

My Puppy’s Name is: _________________________                                   







The purchaser understands that the deposit is non-refundable.  A deposit is required for the seller to hold a puppy until the pickup date which is agreed upon by the seller and the purchaser, at which time the remaining balance is to be paid by cash only.  If the purchaser does not pick up the puppy on the date agreed upon, the seller has the right to put the puppy back up for sale, unless there is a problem and it has been discussed and agreed upon by the seller and the purchaser.  * Deposits are non-transferable to a different pup/litter**If out of state, purchasing price needs to be paid in full before the puppy is delivered by lap nanny or flight nanny.*


                                                              Breed:  ____________________


Purchase Price $____________


Deposit Amount $___________


Balance Due $______________


Pick Up Date:_______________


Buyers Printed Name_____________________   Buyers Signature_______________________


Breeders Signature ______________________       Date____________





What are some items needed for the puppy before bringing him or her home? 

Bed, crate, exercise pen, type of food the puppy is eating.


What should I do when I get the puppy home?    

 Allow the puppy to get comfortable in its new home and environment. Placing water and food in the exercise pen or nearby crate. 


What is hypoglycemia or sugar drop? 

It is a condition that happens when the puppy hasn’t eaten enough or is over exerting itself from playing too much without the proper amount of nutrition going back into its body. Our tip to you is to always keep a form of sugar on hand such as; Karo syrup ( can be purchased from grocery store), or NutriCal ( can be purchased from online pet store)


Can I walk my puppy on a leash outside when I first get him/her?

No, Not when you first get your puppy. The puppy won’t like the idea of something being around its neck. We recommend buying a harness and allowing the puppy to drag a short leash around. The best way we’ve learned is having the lightest lead or extended leash for a puppy to learn with.                   


Can I give my puppy treats?

Yes you can but be aware that it is a form of food and when given it could mess up your puppy’s stomach if given a large amount of treats.


Will my puppy come fully trained? 

No we only start paper and pee pad training. The puppy doesn’t go outside until its second round of shots has been given but typically this is after they are with their new families.


Shihpoos Yorkies, Maltipoos, Toy Poodles
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